Optik Melawai - 1 Sunglasses

Enjoy the latest promo from us, for you who wants new frame and sunglasses. 

Get voucher up to 45% for every purchase of frame +lens or sunglasses. 

Visit Optik Melawai for further information


Optik Melawai

- Voucher 20% untuk pembelian frame + lensa

- Periode 20 Jan - 30 Mar 2017

- Syarat & Ketentuan berlaku

Tomahawk Beef Steak

Tomahawk Beef (with sauteed vegetables and thyme roasted baby potatoes)

Tomahawk Beef: Rp 800.000

Australian Lamb Shanks

Braised Australian Dorper Lamb Shank (with truffle mashed potato, cherry tomatoes and gravy sauce)

Aus Dorper Lamb Shank: Rp 175.000

The Manhattan Fish Market

Lunch Menu

Starts from 49.000

Valid from Monday - Friday, 11.00 AM - 03.00 PM

Periode Promo 1 January - 30 April 2017


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